Presentation of our company: La Case à Vanille

A History

La Case à Vanille, is represented by Frédéric CHAIX, master vinegar maker, who develops original gourmet products exclusively dedicated to vanilla. Back from Madagascar, where he lived for 15 years, Frédéric Chaix created La Case à Vanille in 2007. Thanks to his expertise as well as high quality raw materials we are able to offer a wide range of exquisite culinary products: 

  • - Pure vanilla products: vanilla pods and vanilla powder from Madagascar
  • - Vinegars with vanilla and authentic fruit (raspberry, mango, sun fruit, red pepper...)
  • - Balsamic creams (vanilla from Papua New Guinea and Cocoa)
  • - Vanilla syrup and vanilla & vinegar syrup
  • - By-products: vanilla extract, vanilla sugar

All these products are ideal ingredients to flavor your sweet and savory dishes or to simply decorate your dishes with a delicate note.

Values: quality

All our products are produced and packaged in our workshop in Bordeaux (France). They are natural, free from preservatives, artificial colorings and flavorings.

We use and sell the black vanilla pod from Madagascar. It is known for its olfactory quality. Fleshy and perfumed, it hides in each pod its aromatic power. Considered the best vanilla in the world, the black bourbon claims to be the premium of vanilla.

Our vanilla pods are selected in Madagascar. They are chosen rigorously, retaining only the best vanilla pods with a high vanillin level.

Our fruit & vanilla vinegars are produced exclusively by our master vinegar maker, Frédéric Chaix, in our workshop in Bordeaux. They are made from authentic fruit, following a secret recipe that allows us to keep all the flavor.

The vanilla powder is obtained from black Bourbon vanilla pods from Madagascar. It is milled under liquid nitrogen (cryopreservation) which makes it possible to maintain all aromas from vanilla with an exceptional grain size. Nothing is deducted, nothing is added : an essential, economic and useful ingredient to have close at hand.


We offer a lot of culinary tips (fillet of duck breast and vanilla vinegar, rack of lamb with a raspberry & vanilla vinegar sauce) on our blog. You will certainly be surprised and amazed by some of the creative and innovative ideas (roast lamb with vanilla syrup and candied mirabelle plums).

Many bloggers share their new recipes inspired by our products on our culinary blog.

La Case à Vanille produces more than 100 000 bottles per year.

Frédéric CHAIX's latest creations are:

  • - Vanilla & fig vinegar / Summer 2014
  • - Cocoa balsamic condiment / Winter 2014
  • - NEW: Turmeric condiment / Spring 2015

We are able to develop and produce product lines on request.


We have more than 15 000 clients via pour website and the numerous fairs we participate in.

Our range of products is distributed in gourmet grocery stores.

Some of our most prestigious clients are Oliviers & Co and La maison du Curcuma Reunion).


La Case à Vanille participates at numerous prestigious fairs (mostly in France):

  • - Salons du Chocolat (Paris, Cannes, Marseille, Lille, Nantes, Metz, Roanne, Clermont Ferrand, Bordeaux, Lyon, La Rochelle …)
  • - Salon du chocolat & Saveurs d'exception de Nice
  • - Salon International de l’Agriculture (SIA, Paris Porte de Versailles)
  • - Foire de Paris
  • - Foire de la Lavande
  • - Foire d’Automne (Paris), Foire de Bordeaux, Foire de Marseille, Foire de Strasbourg
  • - ID-Créatives (Lyon, Paris, Lille, Clermont Ferrand)
  • - Creativa (Nantes, Grenoble, Montpellier, Metz)
  • - Salons Gourmets & Vins (Saint Malo)
  • - Salon Saveurs (Paris, Espace Champerret)
  • - Envies Culinaires (Lille)
  • - Salon du Goût (Sainte Maxime)
  • - Passions Créatives (Bordeaux)
  • - Salon de la Gastronomie de La Rochelle
  • - Alespo
  • - Nicexpo
  • - Salon du Chocolat & Gourmandises de Chartres
  • - Foire d’Aix-en-Provence
  • - Salon « Vivre Côté Sud » (Aix en Provence)
  • - Foire aux vins de Lesparre
  • - Bizi Ona Slow Food (St Jean de Luz-Pays basque)
  • - Tendances Créatives (Toulouse)
  • - Salon des vins & de la gastronomie (Quimper, Orléans)
  • - Gastronomades (Angoulême)